VM Digital includes creative marketing experts and writers who will enhance your business with carefully crafted and effective marketing campaigns, using only the best techniques and tools. Guided by experience and knowledge in the field of digital marketing, we are convinced that we can find a winning formula for the success of your business. Let us show you opportunities for your business that you haven't even thought about.

The primary focus of VM Digital is SEO. What is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation that means optimizing your site for search engines. As a basic and fundamental part of digital marketing, SEO is the most important part of any marketing campaign for your business. VM Digital was created with the aim of giving each client the best possible result. SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing, and therefore represents one of the most important things for your business in the 21st century. Through the processes of designing, writing, coding, and other techniques, we believe that only with an adequate campaign, led by VM Digital experts, your business will flourish.

VM Digital uses only the best tools on the market to provide you with the most efficient and professional services. In times of great competition in the market, it is very important to surround yourself with loyal, professional, and creative associates, and all this in one is the VM Digital team.

VM Digital Team

Vladimir Milić - CEO & Founder

Vladimir Milić has many years of experience and passion, in the field of information technology, and decided to focus on helping businesses enter long-term campaigns and plans, in order to raise their digital marketing to a higher level.

In the 21st century, business without digital marketing is lagging far behind. In order for your business not to lag behind the competition, Vladimir founded VM Digital, with the aim of helping as many businesses as possible to reach their full potential. Education at the University of Novi Sad, with many years of experience in the field of digital marketing and SEO, provides him with all the possible tools needed to enable your business to rise to a new and higher level.

Nataša Radovanović – Web Developer

Nataša Radovanović has always loved to create something out of nothing. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad, she enrolled in master studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences and at the same time discovered the digital world in which it is possible to create anything!

Today she primarily creates web pages and web design. She also works on web development, both front-end and back-end, using HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue, PHP, MySQL, Laravel.

She has all the skills to create new high quality websites or improve existing websites for individuals and organizations, using the latest techniques and trends, focusing on modern and customizable web solutions.

Marko Cakić - Content Manager

Marko Cakić graduated from the University of Novi Sad, graduated from the Faculty of Economics - Department of Management and earned a degree in economics. In addition to his passion for management and knowledge of the English language, he focuses on digital marketing and, in cooperation with VM digital, realizes himself as a 'Content manager'.

Very responsible for completing project writing, meeting deadlines and following requests for content in terms of style and project specifications. Team player, scores well communication with other team members to create the best possible content.

Patient, open to listening when content review is needed when clients request the changes. It can help you create a style guide and suggest changes to ensure that the content is consistent and clear.

Milan Mušicki - Copywriter

Although he spends his whole life in sports, he falls in love with the world of digital marketing and content writing, finds friends and people with the same goal and the same motive, and thus begins cooperation with VM Digital. With mutual satisfaction and interest, there is a wonderful story that continues today.

He draws from sports and takes what he can apply in the world of digital marketing, and that is team play, discipline, and communication. As in sports, it is important to be surrounded by real loyal people, so with VM Digital, he finds people with the same characteristics.

With knowledge of English, also a patient, capable and team player, he is ready to help and suggest a solution at any time.