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Inkyy Web Design

The story

Inkyy Web Design and Branding agency is located in Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they are at the very top of their industry. Behind them are a handful of successfully completed projects, satisfied clients, as well as personal projects they are currently working on.

All this led them to dedicate more to their personal website, and as it was good and not good enough for this young and ambitious team led by Bojan Sandic, founder and lead designer, they decided to hire VM Digital services to solve problems with Domain Rating and Organic Traffic, for starters.


2021 -

Technology used:

SEO, SMO, Link Building

The challenge

The main problem with the Inkyy website itself was that it opened certain pages more slowly, especially for mobile versions, and the Domain Rating itself was quite low.

All of the above entanglements have led to lower rankings on Google, as well as reduced monthly organic traffic. The question that arose, and where was the biggest challenge, was how to quickly, easily, and correctly fix all the problems with the SEO of the website, and at the same time raise all the other parameters.

The Process

The process itself consisted of several stages. The first stage lasted the first two months. We worked on the on-page optimization of the website. The goal was to bring the speed and responsiveness of the website to perfection.

This was followed by the second stage that was focused on editing and reorganizing the already posted content and implementing new content on our website.

The third stage was mostly focused on our off-page optimization, which we brought to perfection through link-building campaigns, SMO, guest posting, and similar activities. First meaningful results were seen after three months, and after six months the results were extraordinary.

The Outcome

The result was faster and bigger than all the analyzes predicted. After only a month, there was an increase in Organic traffic over 23%, which continued to grow and after 6 months of implementing the strategy, we achieved an increase in Organic Traffic of 289%, while Domain Rating (DR) increased three times, implementing our smart link building campaign, as well as creating adequate content.

Also, communication with our followers on social networks has increased significantly due to our SMO strategy, which has brought a handful of new clients to the table.

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